Right now, macOS Mojave is the current operating system for Apple’s desktop and laptop computers. And right now, Aperture, the professional-leaning photo editing software, works perfectly fine. But that will not be the case for much longer.

Apple has confirmed this week that support for Aperture will be winding down soon. Specifically, support will end for good after macOS Mojave. So when Apple launches whatever version of macOS is next for the public, support for Aperture will end. Apple has an official support page on the matter, letting customers know how they can use its own Photos app, or Adobe’s Lightroom app, to import their photos.

As noted by the company, it did confirm Aperture was shutting down all the way back in June of 2014. It just took some time to actually go through with it:

“In June 2014, Apple announced the discontinuation of development of Aperture. Since that time, Apple has released five major macOS updates. For technical reasons, Aperture will not run in future versions of macOS after macOS Mojave. To continue working with your Aperture photo libraries, you must migrate them to the Photos app included with macOS, or migrate them to Adobe Lightroom Classic.”

Apple officially ceased development of Aperture back in 2014. iPhoto, along with Aperture, were swallowed up into Apple’s Photos app. Aperture was quickly removed from the App Store as well, but for folks who already had the app installed they could continue to use it as they saw fit. But that all comes to an end later this year, presumably in September, when Apple launches the next version of macOS.

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