Apple has refreshed the support document listing the technical specifications for the latest 2018 MacBook Air models, saying its most popular notebook sports a display brightness up to 400 nits rather than a 300-nit panel that was mentioned in an earlier version of the document.

The change was first noted on Reddit. A cached version of the same page in March 2019 showed the computer as having a display brightness up to 300 nits.

The new Retina-outfitted MacBook Air was released in October 2018 and some reviewers noted a weird discrepancy in display brightness, with Laptop Mag’s review unit achieving peak brightness of 234 nits versus 315 nits observed in testing conducted by NotebookCheck.

MacRumors has more on the situation:

We’ve confirmed with Apple that this increase is tied to the macOS 10.14.4 software update released on March 25. Apple’s release notes did mention that the update ‘corrects the default screen brightness’ for 2018 MacBook Air models, although no specific details were known at the time.

Some owners of the new MacBook Air swear that the display doesn’t achieve anywhere near 400 nits because it’s noticeably less bright than the 12-inch Macbook display.

Others, however, say there’s nothing wrong with the display, noting that it appears brighter than the 12-inch MacBook which has a 350-nit panel.

Have you seen the new MacBook Air in person?

Did its panel strike you as dimmer or brighter than before.

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