During today’s earnings require the first financial quarter of 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked whether he thought that the rates of the iPhone XR, XS, and iPhone XS Max was expensive.

In reaction, Cook stated that while he didn’t feel that was as much of a factor in the United States, it was an issue in emerging markets.

The iPhone XS is priced the same as the iPhone X at$999, while the iPhone XS Max, a new gadget, was $100 more. The XR, at $749, was priced to be right in the middle of the entry-level iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models. Cook said that’s a “pretty small difference in the United States compared to last year.”

In emerging markets, nevertheless, iPhone prices was an issue due to the strength of the dollar. Foreign exchange rates amplified the rates increases leading to weaker sales. Cook says that in January, in some areas, the company has absorbed all or part of the currency motions compared to a year back, getting closer to local rate compared to a year ago.

Prepare in an interview with Reuters earlier today stated that Apple is reducing iPhone prices in some emerging markets.

In developed markets, like Japan, an absence of subsidies has likewise become a major aspect. Even in the U.S., where subsidies have actually been phased out for several years, Cook stated that a person who last bought an iPhone 6 or sixes for $199 when subsidies were still in place might be unwilling to upgrade to a gadget that costs upwards of $749 without subsidies.

Apple is working to resolve the subsidy problem with trade-ins and installation payments.

Cook in a separate statement stated all of Apple’s devices are developed to last. “We do create our products to last as long as possible,” he said. Some consumers pick to hang on to those items for as long as possible, while some trade them in. Apple’s product cycle has certainly extended and upgrades were less than prepared for last quarter, but Cook says he doesn’t understand where that will go in the future.

“I’m convinced that making an excellent product that is high quality is the best thing for the customer. That’s the method we take a look at it.”