Word on the street has been going strong for quite some time that Apple is building, or has aspirations to build at least, its own electric and/or self-driving car.

And while the company recently confirmed that it was doing some major reshuffling of folks who work under the Project Titan banner within the company, there does still seem to be plenty of steam behind this particular unconfirmed story. It certainly helps when Apple continues to hire people who work on cars!

Take, for example, the company’s most recent hire. According to Electrek, Apple has officially brought on Michael Schwekutsch, who was previously the vice president overseeing electric powertrain development at Tesla. At Apple, Schwekutsch will take up the mantle of Senior Director of Engineering at the Special Project Group. It’s worth noting that it’s unclear what, exactly, Schwekutsch will be doing at Apple, but it’s impossible to ignore the expertise he’ll be bringing to the table.

Schwekutsch has a longstanding career in automobiles, helping to bring to market autos like the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Fiat 500e, and the BMW i8.

Back in October, it was rumored that Apple was planning to launch its first vehicle in the year 2023. That still seems to be the expectation up to this point. However, the latest report suggested that what Apple may be building is an electric van, and not actually a car.

Our Take

Reading the tea leaves on this one is pretty tough. There is no doubt that Apple is looking for new avenues to make money, and a car could certainly do that. Then again, it still seems hard to believe that a lot of people out there want to buy an Apple-branded car.

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So, do you want an Apple Car? Is this something you’d spend money on?

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