Apple Acquires Digital Marketing Startup DataTiger

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 14, 2019 in Apple Rumors, News

Apple is prone to acquiring smaller companies as it needs. This time around it’s a startup getting acquired.

Bloomberg reports on Thursday that Apple has officially acquired a digital marketing startup called DataTiger. As it stands right now, Apple has not officially announced anything pertaining to the acquisition, but that is pretty standard for the company. According to this report, though, Apple acquired the company recently.

“The U.K.-based startup says its technology can “optimize the marketing journeys” of customers by using data to more accurately send materials to consumers as well as push notifications. On his LinkedIn profile, DataTiger Chief Executive Officer Philipp Mohr said his firm wants to “bring the stale era of ‘email-list thinking’ and slow, campaign-based marketing to an end.”

DataTiger uses data to improve certain elements, including notifications for consumers. However, what Apple plans on doing with the company’s assets and technology remains to be seen. The company was small, with only up to 10 employees based out of the United Kingdom. At the time of publication, it is unknown just how much Apple paid for the acquisition.

Apple is not a stranger to push notifications or email notices for that matter. The company utilizes both quite a bit, so DataTiger could improve this element of the business in the future. Just recently we heard that former Apple Music subscribers were getting push notifications to offer them a free three-month trial to come back. And Apple’s emails went out to older iPhone owners to upgrade to one of the newer models.

[via Bloomberg]

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