Appel Responds to Supreme Court App Store Ruling, Says App Store is ‘Not a Monopoly’

Posted by Evan Selleck on May 13, 2019 in App Store, Apple News, News

It’s probably not a shock to hear that Apple does not consider its App Store to be a monopoly. But now it has to actually make a case for that. Before the lawsuit moves forward, though, Apple is already coming out swinging.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled that a lawsuit against Apple and the App Store could move forward. Here’s how that was described earlier today:

“Apple has a monopoly over the App Store through which millions of people download apps and games on their iPhone or iPad. While Apple allows third-party developers to upload and sell their apps through the App Store, these apps must adhere to Apple’s own guidelines which the company can change or tweak to its benefit any time. The company has in the past tweaked or changed App Store rules to remove third-party apps which competed with some features in iOS.”

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against Apple in this regard. As a result, that initial lawsuit, that aims to deem Apple’s App Store tactics are monopolistic, can move forward. But Apple is already arguing that its digital storefront is not a monopoly. At least, that’s the case today in a statement made to CNBC.

Apple argues that its methods make the App Store the most “secure” and “safe” digital marketplace for customers and developers. Apple does not weigh in when it comes to pricing of apps, especially for third-party developers, and argues that this means the App Store is not a monopoly “by any metric”.

Here is Apple’s statement:

“Today’s decision means plaintiffs can proceed with their case in District court. We’re confident we will prevail when the facts are presented and that the App Store is not a monopoly by any metric.”

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[via CNBC]

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