Angela Ahrendts reveals surprising post-Apple plans

Angela Ahrendts.
Angela Ahrendts at the iPhone X keynote.
Photo: Apple

Apple retail boss Angela Ahrendts is wasting no time making plans for what to do once she leaves Apple.

News that the former Burberry CEO plans to leave her post at Apple just surfaced this week. Ahrendts is set to hang around Apple Park until April, but once her time to leave is here, you won’t catch her hanging out around Silicon Valley.

During an appearance at the Ralph Lauren fashion show, Ahrendts revealed that she’s going to spend some of her hard-earned millions doing a bit of globetrotting.

“I plan to take the summer off,” Ahrendts told WWD. She said she plans to enjoy some traveling before getting a new job. Rwanda is at the top of her travel list, along with visiting two of her children in London.

Ahrendts wouldn’t disclose what type of position she’ll look to take once she’s ready to return to work. Some have speculated that she could make a return to fashion where she was one of the industry’s biggest figures before working at Apple for the last five years.

The Financial Times reported today that Ahrendts could look to take on a larger role at Ralph Lauren. Ahrendts joined RL’s board of directors in 2018. Former Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey, who worked closely with Ahrendts and inherited the throne after she left, is supposedly joining the company, which could make it the perfect spot for her return to the fashion world.


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