Shortcuts, Screen Time, iMessage effects, streamlined Apple ID management and other iOS features are coming to your Mac with the major new macOS 10.15 version, which will be previewed at WWDC 2019 on June 3 ahead of launch some time this fall.

Guilherme Rambo, writing for 9to5Mac:

According to people familiar with the development of macOS 10.15 – which has been in the works for at least two years – the new version will include support for Siri Shortcuts, a feature introduced in iOS 12 which allows users to create custom voice shortcuts for actions that can be done in apps.

It’s also likely that the Shortcuts app – a result from the acquisition of Workflow – will be available on macOS, the inclusion of system-wide support for Siri Shortcuts on macOS 10.15 strongly suggests it. On iOS, the Shortcuts app is not bundled with the system, users have to download it from the App Store. It’s possible that the same will be true for macOS: users will download a Marzipan version of Shortcuts from the Mac App Store.

Another major feature from iOS 12 that’s coming to the Mac with macOS 10.15 is Screen Time. The feature allows users to see how much time they’re spending in apps and to limit the amount of time that can be spent in a specific app or category of apps, such as social media. Parents can also use Screen Time to set time limits for their children.

Apple is also working on bringing a new Apple ID management panel to System Preferences, including better support for configuring Family Sharing, similar to what’s currently available in the iOS Settings app. Yet another feature from iOS that’s coming to the Mac with macOS 10.15 are the iMessage effects such as confetti, lasers, fireworks and others.

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