Many people use the alarm feature in their iPhone’s Clock app to wake up on time for school or work every morning, but sometimes users will hit the stop button and inadvertently fall back asleep, defeating the purpose of setting the alarm in the first place.

You could create a cascade of alarms to prevent this from being a problem, or you could use a new free jailbreak tweak called AlarmGroups by iOS developer Fouad Raheb, which streamlines the process of generating and grouping multiple alarms to ensure you wake up every morning.

AlarmGroups was hugely inspired by a concept published on /r/jailbreak last week, and as you might come to expect, this passionate developer struggled with the same frustrations mentioned above and decided it was time to transform this concept into reality.

AlarmGroups brings three major features to the table, such as:

  • Creating alarm groups and adding existing alarms to it
  • Generating a set of alarms with a specific interval when creating an alarm group
  • Toggling an alarm group on or off to enable or disable all alarms inside of it

As depicted by the screenshot examples above, AlarmGroups is integrated directly into the native Clock app, which means you won’t need to struggle to learn any third-party interfaces.

To create an alarm group, one need only tap on the New Group button at the top right of the app and configure it to their liking. Here, you can name it, configure an alarm schedule, adjust the number of repetitions, and more.

The finished product is an alarm group that integrates nicely with the rest of your alarms, and it looks so nice that you’d think Apple themselves made this tweak for you.

AlarmGroups isn’t available in any of Cydia’s default or major third-party repositories, so you’ll need to add the developer’s repository to Cydia to get it. The URL for that repository is as follows:

AlarmGroups works with all jailbroken iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices, so if you’re interested in augmenting your iPhone’s alarm experience, then you should consider downloading this free tweak.

Are you impressed by AlarmGroups? Share why or why not in the comments section below.