A source claiming knowledge of AirPower, Apple’s elusive multi-device charging mat, says the accessory is at long last ready for an official release some time in the spring.

Citing a source, MySmartPrice reported Monday that AirPower is definitely coming in the spring with some unspecified new capabilities that Apple apparently hasn’t mentioned yet.

The mysterious “exclusive” new features may require iOS 13. As for pricing, the AirPower wireless charging pad is likely to be priced around $150 at launch, the report alleged.

The accessory will be slightly thicker than originally expected because of the 8-7-7 coil configuration. “Since AirPower is set to go on sale soon, TV commercials for the wireless charging pad are reportedly being filmed currently,” reads the story.

Th accessory will be compatible with phones that work with the Qi standard, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models. The Apple-designed charging mat can charge three devices simultaneously, like an iPhone, your Apple Watch and AirPods.

AirPower itself is based on the ubiquitous Qi wireless charging standard.

Also coming this spring: the wireless charging case for AirPods

Although multi-device charging is officially unsupported by the Qi standard, Apple has said it’d be working towards incorporating this ability into a future revision of the Qi specification.

Initially previewed at the September 2017 Apple media event at the Steve Jobs Theater and intended to be released in 2018, Apple’s wireless accessory saw multiple delays as engineers had apparently struggled to contain interference from multiple charging coils.

As a result, AirPower no longer has an announced release date, likely due to issues with development, and all mentions of it have been removed from Apple’s website save for the iPhone X press release.

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