Apple has yet to unveil the specific processes used to manufacture their magical earbuds at scale, but maybe it doesn’t need to. According to a new video, the iPhone maker’s been growing AirPods like plants. I’ve always wondered where they came from!

Kudos to Fun or Die on this helluva fun video to watch.

From the post:

Back in March, the multinational tech giant did something unexpected: Apple allowed a film crew into a secret Southern California facility and what they revealed is beyond astonishing: Apple has been GROWING its earbuds like plants

And who is the man who runs this place and its magical earbud creating greenhouse? That would be the visionary and self-proclaimed ‘sound gardener’ Ken Yamamoto, an 83-year-old reclusive botanist who has overseen much of the research and development for Apple headphone design since the first generation iPod in 2001.

Awesome, just awesome work. Found this through The Loop’s Dave Mark.

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