AirPods 2 might charge faster than you think possible

An AirPods wireless charging case is expected to launch along with the AirPower charging mat.
An AirPods wireless charging case is expected to launch along with the AirPower charging mat.
Photo: Apple

A highlight of the second generation of AirPods is expected to be a wireless charging case. And a new report indicates that this will power up these earbuds in much less than half an hour.

According to earlier sources, the long wait for an update to this popular accessory is almost over.

Fast Charging AirPods

“AirPods wireless charging will happen. It will be VERY fast (0-100 in 15 minutes.) That speed is for the AirPods AND the case. It will probably use Qi charging,” said Max Weinbach on Twitter.

The current version of these headphones already fast charge, but power comes from their case. The charging case has to be plugged into a Lightning cable. The next version will be all wireless.

We already know Apple is prepping a wireless charging case for AirPods; the company announced it way back in 2017. But this release has been delayed while Apple struggled with overheating problems within its AirPower multi-device wireless charger. Both products are expected to hit store shelves soon, possibly by the end of this month.

The wireless charging case will be larger than the current version. According to Weinbach, “There will be a downside though, the case will be bigger in one direction and heavier.”

Weinbach, a writer er for XDA Developers, regularly posts leaks and insider information on Twitter.

Other AirPods 2 rumors

An earlier unconfirmed report indicated that Apple AirPods will finally soon be available in black, instead of just white. They’ll also supposedly get a coating that will make them less slick. 

Multiple reports have pegged the release date for AirPods 2 to be March 29. They’re allegedly going to be unveiled at a wide-ranging Apple press event rumored for March 25.