Add some more sensors to your existing setup.

Right now you can grab the Nest Detect for just $39 at B&H. This deal is matching a Presidents’ Day discount that is available directly at Nest and other retailers like Best Buy, too. You’d regularly pay $10 more for the Nest Detect and this is the best price we’ve seen on it to date, so it’s well worth grabbing one or more if you’ve been eyeing them up.

The Nest Detect is a small motion sensor that links up with your Nest Secure Alarm System. The diminutive device can detect motion up to 15 feet away when it’s placed on a wall and can also be used to alert you when a door or window opens or closes if it’s placed there. The Quiet Open feature enables you to open a door while your home alarm is set without setting it off and the Pathlight feature will briefly illuminate the area when you walk past the Detect, and will turn off once you’ve walked away from it. Pretty cool stuff.

See at B&H

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