One of MacOS’ signature features is the dock at the bottom of the desktop. It acts as a central hub for organizing your favorite apps, but many users find its features and customization to be lacking. If you’re looking to get more functionality out of your dock, you can pick up ActiveDock for just $14.25 with limited time promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

ActiveDock is a sleek reimagining of how the Mac dock should function. On the surface, ActiveDock functions similarly to the MacOS dock but adds additional features to make your user experience more intuitive. For example, ActiveDock features Window Preview, which allows you to quickly switch between apps and windows. You can also organize dock elements into Groups and Folders, allowing you to sort apps and folders however you want and ultimately eliminating clutter. Best of all, you can install unique icons and themes to customize ActiveDock however you want.

The dock is one of the central features to your Mac experience, so why not get the most out of it with ActiveDock? You can score a lifetime license to ActiveDock here for $14.25, or 60% off with promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

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