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iPhones and Android devices are fundamentally very different from each other, though they are meant to accomplish the same thing. While both operating systems have matured a lot since their inception, there are still some areas where the iPhone is better than most Android devices and vice versa.

So, what are some iPhone/iOS features which Android users think the OS should copy? A discussion over at r/Android community has revealed some pretty interesting replies.

The highest voted feature that Android users wish their OS copied from iPhone is to tap the status bar to scroll bar to top. This is a feature that has been present in iOS right since its inception and one that Google cannot add in Android because it has been patented by Apple.

A relatively simple feature that Android users also wish the OS copied from the iPhone is the ability to screen record with internal audio. That’s again a relatively simple feature which Apple first debuted with iOS 11 in 2017. This feature is present in Samsung’s Galaxy devices, though its missing from other Android devices. Third-party Android apps offered this feature, but Google pulled the plug on the necessary permissions recently making it no longer possible.

The iPhone’s silent switch is also something that many Android users wish their phone had. This is more of a hardware feature and one that OnePlus does include on its smartphones. However, other OEMs don’t offer a similar mute switch on their phones.

Another iOS feature that Android users wish for is the ability to back up and restore their installed apps and system data. This is another feature that has been present in iOS for over a decade now and one that is still missing from Android after all these years. Google does offer a cloud backup solution for app data in Android but it is not reliable and does not work as advertised.

Android users also wished that they had the same default messaging app for as long as iMessage has been on iOS. Google’s messaging strategy has been a complete mess, with the company launching various messaging services over the years and eventually shutting them down.

This is something which I believe is more of a US-only thing as in other parts of the world, WhatsApp and Telegram have become the messaging app to use.

There are plenty of other features which Android users wish the OS copied from iOS. This includes the complete lack of bloatware, timely updates, smoother system animations, better compatibility with Bluetooth devices like hearing aids, higher quality games, and more.

If you use an Android device, what are some features that you wish it copied from the iPhone? Drop a comment and let us know!

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