230 New Emoji Being Added in 2019, Includes a Waffle, More Inclusive Options, a Sloth, and More

Another year, another giant batch of new emoji coming to devices. This time around there are more than 200 new additions.

The Unicode Consortium is going all-in with general inclusiveness, which is a welcomed addition. As a result, when it gets boiled down to the final details, there will be 230 new emoji added when all skin tones are included. Breaking it down even further, there are 59 distinctly new emoji, and 75 new emoji when gender variations are accounted for. UC’s announcement today means that all major platforms can start adopting these new options immediately for future software updates. Some tweaks on the platform side might happen to match emoji themes.

“The new emoji are listed in Emoji Recently Added v12.0, with sample images. These images are just samples: vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will typically use images that fit their overall emoji designs. In particular, the Emoji Ordering v12.0 chart shows how the new emoji sort compared to the others, with new emoji marked with rounded-rectangles. The other Emoji Charts for Version 12.0 have been updated to show the emoji.”

So, what are the standout new additions? We’ve got a waffle with some butter on it, an orangutan, a skunk, sloth, flamingo, a pair of assistance dogs, and much, much more. You can see the grouping of new options in the image at the top of this article.

Out of the new batch in version 12, what are your favorites?