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Apple Watch Series 4 is getting a stylish update with watchOS 6. A major part of watchOS 6 is going to half a dozen new watch faces. Plus, there are a couple of new Apple apps and new specialized features to talk about. Read on to find out everything that’s new in watchOS 6.

watchOS 6: Awesome and Hidden Features

watchOS 6 goes hand in hand with the new updates for the iPhone and iPad. To learn about the new features in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, check out our lists for What’s New in iOS 13 and What’s New in iPadOS 13.

1. App Store on Apple Watch

watchOS 6 App Store

The biggest news in watchOS 6 is the new App Store. Developers will be able to build independent Watch apps. These apps will be installed independently on the Watch and will work without an iPhone counterpart. Nothing will be installed on the iPhone automatically.

The full Watch App Store is available here. The editor’s picks and the featured collections will do the heavy lifting here. But you can actually search manually as well. Searching using Siri dictation and scribbling works as well.

2. New Watch Faces

watchOS 6 Solar Dial

watchOS 6 has a couple of new watch faces and most of them are only available for Apple Watch Series 4. One of them is the new Solar Dial watch face. It builds on the old solar watch face by taking an analog route. There’s a special solar dial in the middle of the analog dial. You can add four complications in the corners outside the analog dial.

watchOS6 Modular Compact

The modular watch face is finally adopted for the Series 4 screen. It has a huge analog or digital watch face at the top-left. And you can customize the other three complications easily.

watchOS 6 California Watch Face

The California watch face brings the classic Rolex style watch face to the Apple Watch. It looks very cool, in both the full-screen view and the circular view. You can have multiple designs and color combinations for this analog watch face. You can also switch between different indices from Roman numerals to Arabic, Hindi, Numerals and pill shapes.

watchOS 6 Gradient Watch Face

The gradient watch face is the minimalist colorful option for watchOS 6. You can choose any color you want and Apple Watch will create a gradient watch face where the gradient starts from where the minute hand lands.

watchOS 6 Numerals Watch Face

There are two new Numerals watch faces – Mono and Duo. Mono only shows the hour along while the Duo shows both the hour and the minute as the background.

3. New System Apps

Audiobooks App

There’s a new standalone app just for Audiobooks. While it has the same icon as the Apple Books app, you’ll only be able to access your Audiobook collection from the Books app here. There is no way to browse the store. But if you have added an audiobook to your library, it will show up here. The great thing is that if you have a Cellular Watch, you can stream Audiobooks from anywhere.

New Calculator App

watchOS 6 Calculator

Apple finally added a Calculator app the Apple Watch and quite good. Unlike third-party Calculator apps, it has all the important features in one screen. You’ll find the standard number pad and the function on the right. There’s even a tip feature. You can add a tip and then split the bill as well.

New Voice Memos App

watchOS 6 Voice Memos

The new Voice Memos app is quite simple. You open the app, tap on the record button and the voice recording begins. If you want to stop it, tap on the record button again. You’ll find all the recordings in the list. Tap on one to play it back.

4. Reminders App

watchOS 6 Reminders

The new Reminders app on Apple Watch goes hand in hand with the new iOS 13 version. And for a change, there’s actually a big button for creating a new reminder just as you open the app (something that’s missing in the iPhone app). You can create a reminder using your voice or by scribbling the letters using your fingers.

All your lists are available in the app. You can tap on a list to view all reminders and even check things off your list.

5. Third Party Apps Will Be Able to Stream Music, Radio and Podcasts

This is going to be very exciting once watchOS 6 is released to the public in Fall 2019. The final version will enable streaming features for music apps, radio apps, and podcast apps. This means that apps like Spotify and Overcast will be able to stream media from their servers directly to the Apple Watch without the need for an iPhone. This is going to be a great feature for the cellular Apple Watch.

6. Siri Search Results will Display Full Web Pages

Siri is getting smarter in watchOS 6. Now you’ll be able to view full web pages from Siri results right on the Apple Watch.

7. Send Memoji Stickers from Apple Watch

watchOS 6 Animoji Stickers

If you’ve created a Memoji on your iPhone, the associated Memoji stickers will show up on your Apple Watch as well. You’ll be able to quickly reply to a message using Animoji or Memoji stickers.

8. New Cycle Tracking App

watchOS 6 Cycle Tracking

There’s a new Cycle Tracking app pre-loaded on the Apple Watch. It’s a menstrual cycle tracking app for women. Users will be able to input their period dates, flow frequency and will be able to record symptoms as well. The Apple Watch will then send notifications about period time frames and if the user opts for it, the fertility window.

9. New Noise App

The new Noise app measures the sound levels of the environment you’re in. If it’s too loud, you’ll get a notification about it and you can step out to protect your hearing. You can monitor the decibel levels of your environment at any given time using the app or the live complication.

10. New Complications

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Calendar
  • Cellular
  • Calculator
  • Cycle
  • Date
  • Voice Memos
  • Audiobooks
  • Noise

11. New For You Section in Music

The Music app has been updated with the new bolder design and there’s a new For You section in the Music app now.

12. New Now Playing Screen (and App)

watchOS 6 Now Playing Screen

The Now Playing feature has now been turned into a real app. And it has been redesigned. The circle around the Play/Pause button will show the progress of the song or the media. You also have quick access to options like AirPlay and the Up Next queue.

13. See Trophies in Activity App

You can now see your trophies and achievements directly in the Activity app.

14. Improved Settings App 

watchOS 6 Settings App

The Settings app on the Apple Watch has been improved quite a bit. You can view your iCloud account there and you can access all major settings right from the app. Things you would previously need to go to the Watch app are now all here. From small things like enabling screenshots to bigger features like customizing the Workouts screen.

This is another proof that Apple is soon planning to have the Apple Watch work independently from the iPhone.

15. New List View Design for Apps Screen

watchOS 6 Apps List

There’s a new, much better design for the list view for the apps screen. The apps now show up with huge, bold text. It makes it much easier to scroll through the list and tap on apps.

Your Favorite watchOS 6 Features?

What are some of your favorite features in watchOS 6? Share with us in the comments below.

[Watch Faces Screenshots Via: 9to5Mac]