India has been a love to hate and hate to love kind of country for many foreigners! But to everyone’s wonder, it still finds a place on their bucket list, whatsoever! Indians are well-known for their hospitality and generosity around the world.

No doubt, every year our country hosts lakhs of tourists coming from all over the globe.

To many India just looks like an overpopulated, poor, struggling to survive type of a country. While only a few are well versed with its rich culture, royal history, majestic heritage and of course, its rapidly developing economy.

Accordingly, a benighted US travel blogger and influencer, Colleen Grady, shared her experience of luck, India’s surprising loyalty and her misconceptions for the country.

Omfg im dead.

Recently, in an Instagram post brimming with racism and lack of savoir-faire about the country, the blogger shared her story of losing her iPhone X on the crowded streets of Jaipur. The blogger wrote that she was hopeless about finding her lost phone in ‘the poorest most overcrowded country’. She believed that there was no scope of someone returning her expensive handset back because her ‘phone cost more than many of the country’s citizens’ lifetime earnings’.

But eventually, with the help of some locals, she could find her phone back. She mentioned that it was surprising to see that the person who returned her phone too had an iPhone X in a ‘poor’ country like India.

Miracle! She was probably more surprised to see an Indian owning an iPhone than to find her own expensive phone back.

And netizens do not spare such sins, my friend! The post was bombarded with hate comments and eye-openers for the blogger from all over the world.

To an extent that the blogger took down her account from Instagram. She has also posted an apology on her website.

I’m an Indian typing this tweet from an iPhoneX gifted to me by another Indian who is an iPhone user for long.

The audacity to call us poor is something I can let go but the way you talk about the person who found and returned is pure filthy.

— Elysian (@VivaciousVids) January 4, 2019

Wow, the cringe are top levels. She is also totally poor. Rich person would be like “shit, I’ll buy new one once I return”. Smart person would be like “Shit, that’s a lot of unbacked data”.

— Muhammad Majid (@mhd_majid) January 5, 2019

Wow. Just wow. This is so white, it’s blinding. Just astounding how racist this person in India is being. Just, wow.

— Rajeev Mishra (@rajeevfilm) January 4, 2019

“Hardly anyone in this country has an iPhone”
Read an article not long back from Apple saying how India alone has more than 10 million users of their mobiles lmao !!
Doubt all this even happened.
Star Plus Drama at its best.

— shawarmapapi (@moaizmq) January 4, 2019

Somebody returned the damn thing (she did not just find it) and she still has the gall to talk nastily about the people.. “scammy, poor, overcrowded”.. Wow. “worth more than they’d make in a lifetime” how can somebody be so.. desensitized and horrible?

— LaniLou ❤ (@BonnyLani) January 3, 2019

I love how she talks about the local Indians at being so technically illiterate that they can’t use an iPhone. INDIA REACHED MARS WITH LESS MONEY THAN IT COST TO FILM ‘GRAVITY’!!!

Don’t let these people back into India!

— Samar @TheMJAP (@TheMJAP) January 4, 2019

I’m a brown person currently working an iPhone X to type this message. If I met Colleen in real life it would shock her so much that she’d stand up the normal way.

— Rob Mahal (@RobMahal) January 4, 2019

Now, this is what Akshay Kumar’s monologue on ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ in Namastey London is made for. Somebody send it to the blogger, please! And we hope she gets over her ‘colonial hangover’ soon!

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