The next line of iPhones will support extremely high speed and data-rich mmWave 5G after all according to one of the field’s top Apple analysts. 

In a research note, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, who has often forecast major moves by Apple, says that despite prior reports, the tech giant will make its iPhone 12 line compatible with ‘true’ and hyper fast mmWave 5G.

As reported by Appleinsider, Chi-Kuo, who is an analyst for TF Securities, writes:

(Right) Above is a rendering of an iPhone 12 created by Ben Geskin which is similar to the current iPhone 11 (left) but has a smaller notch and sharper edges similar to the iPad Pro

‘We believe that Apple will release new iPhones that support mmWave and Sub-6GHz iPhones at the same time in 2H20.

Because 5G iPhones are divided into Sub-6GHz and Sub-6GHz + mmWave models, the complexity of new product development is higher, which is also beneficial to Fuzhikang Group of NRE.

According to our latest survey, the development of the Sub-6GHz + mmWave iPhone is progressing as scheduled, and it is expected to ship at the end of 3Q20 or early 4Q20.’

Though Chi-Kuo suggests that all of the upcoming iPhone models will be mmWave-ready, prior reports from JP Morgan suggest that only two of the upcoming four 5G models will be compatible.  

Apple is rumored to be working on seven new iPhones for release in 2020, including an array of 4G and 5G iPhone 12 models and the long-awaited iPhone SE. 

A new line of iPhone 11’s (pictured above) don’t currently support 5G despite their premium price tag

Unlike other 5G coverage, mmWave stands out for its superior ability to deliver large amounts of data very quickly. 

The only downside is that its range is significantly shorter, meaning users are required to be relatively close to the point-of-origin to actually pick up mmWave coverage.

5G networks have begun to roll out in cities across the world while major telcom companies clamor to become the first to market. Verizon and AT&T have led the way in the US while Vodafone, EE and O2 have led the pack in the UK.

Upcoming iPhone 12 WILL support super-fast mmWave 5G despite prior reports, top analyst says

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