What you need to know

  • UK woman Olivia Parkinson ordered a new iPhone 12 Pro Max from carrier Virgin Media and awaited delivery.
  • Courier Yodel delivered a fresh, broken tile instead of an iPhone.

And it wasn’t even a Tile tracker.

Getting a new iPhone is supposed to be an exciting day, but sometimes things go wrong. And then sometimes you get a broken tile in an iPhone 12 Pro Max box instead.

That’s what happened to Olivia Parkinson after she had the misfortune to order an iPhone 12 Pro Max from UK carrier Virgin Media. That part wasn’t really the problem, but things started to go awry when Virgin Media used Yodel to deliver the thing. As fellow UK dwellers will attest, that wasn’t great news.

Things took a turn when the iPhone arrived at Parkinson’s doorstep but after opening it she didn’t see a shiny new Apple device. She saw a tile instead. What’s worse, it was a broken tile as if someone wanted to add insult to injury.

Don’t you just love a new phone day to then receive this… 😡😭 iPhone 12 ProMax who?? @virginmedia @YodelOnline pic.twitter.com/2lQlE0I8P8

— liv (@l1vparkinson) April 14, 2021

As LADbible reports, Parkinson initially got the cold shoulder from Virgin Media and was told she was liable for the lost iPhone. Eventually, and once the people of Twitter got involved, Virgin Media agreed that something was amiss and refunded Parkinson for her loss. Still, it could all have been handled better, it seems.

It seems fairly obvious that someone somewhere recognized the size and shape of Parkinson’s parcel and then had away with the iPhone that was inside. Yodel is more known for throwing expensive items into pools and over 6ft walls than outright stealing things, but who knows. I presume the stolen iPhone is now a very nice-looking paperweight and nothing more thanks to the various locks carriers can place on modern phones.

Hopefully Parkinson gets her new iPhone eventually. The impressive iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best iPhone for photographers as well, so she can at least take some stunning images of that there tile.

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