Based on rumor-mill reporting and analyst predictions, graphic designer Hasan Kaymak took it upon himself to create a fresh batch of conceptual renderings imaging Apple’s upcoming iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successors 11, and boy are they stunning.

Reflections galore

YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone has created the video, seen embedded below, based on Kaymak’s renders. The clip depicts the widely suspected enhancements, such as triple rear cameras and bilateral wireless charging akin to Samsung’s PowerShare feature.

The renders also envision an iPhone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, but we’re pretty sure Face ID is the future. Give the video a quick watch before you jump to comments.

“Kaymak went a bit overboard with the reflections in his renders, but you can still get a very good idea of what the next iPhone will look like in real life once it’s released this coming September,” wrote BGR which first highlighted the renders.

About that bump

If you’ve been living under a rock, the next iPhone should house three rear cameras, along with a microphone and LED flash, inside a lot bigger rectangular camera bump.

A triple-lens shooter housed within a rectangular bump, integrated with the glass panel

To make the huge bump on the back look more aesthetically pleasing, Apple is said to use a special coating to hide the lenses from plain sight. Moreover, the entire rear backplate will be made from a single piece of glass, including the camera bump (current iPhones have a cutout in the glass plate for the camera bump, with metallic sides protruding from it).

Isn’t this the pretties camera bump you’ve seen so far?

The rear camera assembly is still going to protrude from the housing, but should now be subdued and look way, way better than before, wouldn’t you say so?

What do you think of these renders?

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