Well-known jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich made an elusive appearance in Cydia over the weekend as he updated a plethora of vital dependencies with preliminary support for arm64e devices.

Petrich maintains some of the jailbreak community’s highest-profile dependencies, including Activator, AppList, PreferenceLoader, and RocketBoostrap, among others. Many of these were included in this past weekend’s update burst.

While most of the changelogs are particularly bland, merely citing arm64e device support, Activator version 1.9.13~beta5 provides perhaps one of the most colorful changelogs of them all, comprising of the following changes:

  • Added support for an Apple Pay action
  • Support for volume + lock button events on iOS 12
  • Suppress Home button events on the iPhone X and alike devices
  • Support for double-pressing the lock button event on iOS 12
  • Support for short-holding the lock button event on iOS 12
  • Support for arm64e devices

In a footnote, Petrich adds that several of Activator’s events and actions aren’t yet working and that more will be coming soon in the form of additional updates.

Although arm64e support is the primary takeaway here, which should make these packages compatible with A12(X) devices as soon as Electra or unc0ver implement full support in the form of a public release, the additional events and actions are dully notable.

If you’re already using Activator, or any of Petrich’s other important jailbreak tweak dependencies, then you’re advised to upgrade them as soon as possible. You can do so from the Cydia app by visiting the Changes tab and refreshing your repository sources. If you have them installed, then they should appear as available updates once the refresh completes.

Have you installed the latest line of Petrich’s dependency updates yet? Discuss in the comments section below.