Photos: Here’s How the Physical Apple Card Looks Like

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on May 13, 2019 in Apple Card

Apple Card

The first set of Apple Card has started making its way into the hands of Apple employees. Ben Geskin has posted the photo of one such Apple Card on Twitter giving us a look at how the physical card will look like.

Compared to other credit card offerings, Apple Card has a very minimalistic design. There are no numbers at the front except for the name of the cardholder. At the rear, there’s branding for Goldman Sachs and Mastercard with whom Apple has partnered on the Apple Card. Unlike traditional credit cards, Apple Card is made of titanium which gives it a more premium look and feel.

Interestingly, just like how one would set up their Apple Watch or AirPods, the Apple Card needs to be activated by one simply bringing their iPhone near the card. Without other details, it is unclear how the setup process goes forward but in typical Apple fashion, it is likely going to be very easy.

Other details about the Apple Card are not yet known. Apple had unveiled the card at its March event and it is expected to provide more details about it including its launch date at WWDC 2019 next month.

If you want to know more about Apple Card, how it works etc., check out our detailed FAQ.

[Via @BenGeskin]

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