Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that the streaming service won’t be a part of Apple’s upgraded TV application and streaming service which will be unveiled next week. Apple is hosting a ‘Show Time’ event next week where it will unveil its streaming platform service.

While the streaming platform will contain many original shows from Apple, the company is also partnering with third-party media houses, especially since at launch, none of the Apple-produced shows will be available. As a part of the streaming platform, Apple will also launch an upgraded TV app that will act as a hub for multiple streaming platforms. Users can subscribe to any streaming platform they like from within the app.

Netflix, however, won’t be a part of this as it wants people to watch its shows on its own platform.

“Apple’s a great company. We want to have people watch our shows on our services,” Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings said at a press event in Los Angeles.

Netflix is a relatively small company when compared to Apple. While the latter has a seemingly unlimited pile of money, Netflix has limited resources. Apple can easily overshadow Netflix with its production budget, though Netflix’s CEO believes that tough competition will allow it to do a better job.

“These are amazing, large, well-funded companies … but you do your best job when you have great competitors.”

Our Take

Netflix has produced some quality content over the years and many of its shows were in the Emmys contention this year. Apple, on the other hand, still has a lot to prove. Its first original show, Planet of the Apps, was a massive dud. While the company is now producing shows with high-profile stars like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, it does not guarantee that the shows will be top-notch in the content itself.

What are your expectations from Apple’s upcoming streaming service? Do you think it will be better than Netflix in terms of shows?

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