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It has been several months since Microsoft first announced that it was rebuilding its Edge web browser. And, at the same time, the company announced it would be bringing the app to macOS. While the launch date is still a ways away, the company is now teasing the incoming feature.

Microsoft is hosting its own developer conference, BUILD, this week. And in a public blog post launched on Monday, the company details a few of the important changes coming to its Edge web browser. We already know that Microsoft is building Edge from the ground up based on the Chromium rendering engine. That’s what google uses for its own web browser, Chrome. And, based on this tease, it looks like Edge for macOS is going to look a lot like Chrome.

Here is the video the company shared in its blog post today:

The tease of macOS is short and sweet, and there is not a lot to go on. However, Microsoft does say this about Apple’s desktop operating system and Edge:

“With full support for standards-based PWAs installed directly from the browser, you can bring the full power of the web to the desktop app environment. Because the next version of Microsoft Edge will be cross platform, these experiences will work consistently across Windows and macOS, and will stay up to date with the latest platform capabilities regardless of the underlying operating system version.”

A report from The Verge suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch Edge for macOS “very soon”, but does not add anything beyond that. With BUILD happening right now, it’s possible we learn more about Edge’s release for macOS.

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