John Oliver: ‘An IPhone Would Be A More Effective President’ Of The U.S.

It’s the last show of the season, and John Oliver dedicates the last episode to deconstructing Trump’s incompetency and the tools he uses to obfuscate. Via the A.V. Club:

Oliver’s point is that Trump (along with his state media organ, Fox News) routinely employs three easily identifiable, equally reprehensible strategies to advance his loathsome agenda, and turn his critics into tooth-gnashing, stomach-churning basket cases in at the same time. Trump’s M.O. of de-legitimizing the media (“Fake news!”), “Whataboutism” (“But Hillary’s emails!”), and straight-up trolling (literally 90 per cent of what he tweets) is, as Oliver puts it convincingly, an assault against “the very concept of truth.”

Whether because Trump is some secretly savvy evil genius (he’s not), or because he’s a petty, egomaniacal, deeply damaged, bottomlessly needy, horrible little bigot (ding!) is irrelevant, since the overall effect is to keep us off balance reacting to six horrible, bigoted, irrational, ludicrous, or otherwise baffling things before the next one comes babbling out of his maw.

Watch. It’s breathtaking.