There’s a lot that goes into determining the price of goods, particularly if they’re sold in markets across the globe. Exchange rates are a major consideration. With the state that the current global economy finds itself in right now, major currencies continue to decline against the US dollar.

While that may not be the only reason, the pricing for the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is just insane in the EU. The handsets are almost 30% more expensive across Europe than in the United States. It seems like Apple just wants people to buy the Galaxy S22 series instead.

iPhone 14 Pro is 30% more expensive in the EU

Prices for the iPhone 14 Pro start at $999 in the United States. The same handset will set you back 1,299 euro across the pond. At today’s exchange rate, that equals to $1,299, an almost 30% increase. It’s a similar story for the iPhone 14 Pro Max which starts at $1,099 in the US. You’ll pay 1,449 euro for this device, the equivalent of $1,449 USD.

That’s a bonkers price premium for the device. Clearly, it’s much cheaper for people in the EU to pick one up from the United States than it is to buy one in their home country. Anybody heading to the US on a trip from the EU and wishing to buy these new devices should get one while they’re there.

Apple is never going to explain precisely why its new iPhones cost 30% more in such a major market compared to the US. Even if it’s due to the inflationary pressures that all companies are withstanding, Apple would prefer not raising prices in its home country, which may have been a consideration as well.

So Apple is basically giving customers a great reason to skip the iPhone 14 Pro and buy the Galaxy S22 instead, particularly the Ultra, since it’s the most direct competitor. You can buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung in the EU starting at 1,249 euro, but it’s quite easy to find it for much less at retailers and carriers.

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