The iPhone 13 is in the prototype phase, and some of those prototypes include 1TB of storage capacity, according to a reliable tipster. That’s twice as much as is available in the current model.

The same source says Apple is still working to decease the size of the iPhone notch.

Taking the iPhone 13 to 1TB

Jon Prosser said in Thursday’s episode of his YouTube show, “We’re in early stages of iPhone 13 right and we kind of just have prototypes to go off of which means that not much is actually final. But I will tell you that most of those prototypes, I’m being told, do feature a terabyte of storage.”

The tipster is building on an earlier comment. Prosser said back in October that Apple was already thinking about doubling the storage capacity.

The iPhone 6s in 2015 was the last to top out at 128GB. The iPhone 7 increased to 256GB. Then the iPhone XS jumped that up to 512GB two years later. And that remained the largest storage option for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. And now, _three_ years later, perhaps Apple thinks it’s time to increase the capacity again.

But allegedly not every version of the 2021 iOS handset will have the option of that much storage. Prosser says he’s been told only prototypes for the iPhone 13 Pro models go up to 1TB.

The tips doesn’t say anything abut whether the minimal amount of storage will also change. The smallest current option in the Pro series is 128GB.

And a smaller notch too

Prosser also says a source had seen a CAD file for the upcoming iPhone in which the screen cutout has slimmed down. “The notch for this prototype — this CAD file for the prototype — actually appears to be shorter, not narrower,” said the leaker.

This means that with the device in portrait mode, the screen cutout would be not as tall. The width is supposedly unchanged. Today’s report matches one by tipster Ice universe from October.

AppleTrack gives Jon Prosser a 79.2% accuracy rating on previous predictions. That puts him in the top 6 of noted Apple prognosticators. Watch the full episode of to see everything else he discussed.

The iPhone 13, mich might be called the iPhone 12s instead, is expected in the autumn of 2021.

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