Angela Ahrendts, the ex-CEO of Burberry and Apple’s former Senior Vice President of Retail, has joined Airbnb’s board just as the company is preparing for an initial public offering.

CNBC reports that Ahrendts is now the third independent, non-affiliated member of Airbnb’s board, joining former American Express CEO Ken Chenault and former Pixar CFO Ann Mather as an independent board member.

In the announcement from Airbnb, the startup noted that Ahrendts’ work around “building community among customers” would be an asset to the board. Airbnb’s initial public offering could be be ready as soon as later this year.

Having been hired from Burberry, Ahrendts led Apple’s online and offline retail initiative for five solid years before the Cupertino company announced her departure earlier this year. In its announcement, Apple noted that Ahrendts was leaving it “for new personal and professional pursuits”.

She was replaced with Deirdre O’Brien in her expanded role as Apple’s head of Retail + People.

Ahrendts had been one of the highest-paid employees at Apple with a total compensation of $26.5 million in 2018, according to Apple’s proxy statement from Jan. 8, 2019. During that same year, CEO Tim Cook made $15.7 million in total compensation that year, according to the filing.