Bring New Life To Your Photos With This HDR Editor [Deals Hub]

Posted by Megan Lopez on May 03, 2019 in Deals

Most pictures don’t capture the true range of light. In order to get the perfect exposure — not too dark, not too light — you need some help in the form of a HDR editor. Hydro Pro HDR Editor For Mac lets you merge multiple exposures, creating beautiful images from your snaps. And though it typically retails for $49.99, Hydra Pro HDR Editor is currently on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $29.99. That’s 40% off the usual price.

So how does Hydra Pro HDR Editor work? It lets you merge multiple photos with different exposure settings in order to create an image that truly does justice to the scene you captured. You can also push contrasts to make photos more dramatic and evoke different emotions. Just choose how hands on you’d like to be, as there’s both manual and automatic image alignment, ghost handling and real-time tone mapping. Once you’re done you can use the advanced comparison tool to see how far you’ve come and compare your result against the original pictures. Then take advantage of the blazingly fast rendering to various outfit file types and color spaces and enjoy the fruits of Hydra Pro HDR Editor’s labor. This latest version not only has a simpler user interface — it’s also ready to work with the latest macOS enhancements and is equipped with native Metal support with maximum performance.

Create stunning HDR images in just a few clicks thanks to Hydro Pro HDR Editor For Mac. This innovative tool is available in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $29.99 now.

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