One of the best ways to gain VR experience at an affordable price is to have a mobile and VR headset. You don’t need to spend thousands of rupees on high-end virtual reality headsets to experience Virtual Reality. 

In this article, you will find the list of best VR Apps for Android and iPhone mobile for free. The majority of the apps can be used without a controller, but to have a better immersive VR experience we recommend using the controller.

Here is the summary 

So, if you want to experience immersive VR from a trusted source for your mobile, get ready with your VR headset and start playing!

Top 10 VR apps for android 

These are the best VR apps for android for free.

The official Google Cardboard app is a must-have VR app. You can use the app for your mobile VR experience. The app lets you view your videos, photospheres, and other VR content stored on your smartphone. It also has a library of VR apps and games that makes you find new VR content a lot easier. 

2. Google Expeditions:

The expedition is an education-oriented VR app meant to be used in a classroom environment.

However, you can also use it anywhere that you want. The app consists of 200 expeditions that you can immerse yourself for good VR experience. 

You can check out various destinations, landmarks, landforms, tons of other exciting places. The app has a 360-degree mode that works without VR headset if you need it to, and the app is easy to use. 

The app is entirely free. The only problem is that Expeditions occasionally suffers from connection errors. You can also check out Google Arts and Culture app, which is another fantastic eduction-based VR app made by Google! 

Google Street View provides people with 360-degree views of various roads, addresses, landmarks, and other tons of places.

With the VR update, you can use your VR headset to look at all the exciting places. 

On top of that, you can also view content posted by other people, and you can provide your content if you need to. It’s a fun way to experience the world and probably the most exciting way to experience Google Street View in VR.

Fulldive VR is a user-generated VR content, navigation and social platform where you can follow what people watch, comment, react and share your favourite videos. And also you can earn money, bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies just by browsing VR.

The app’s interface feels like a virtual environment where you can see your friends list, adjust the settings, browse menus etc.; The apps contain all sorts of content like trending, cute, scary which isn’t always the easiest way to find. If you are looking for VR content, Fulldive VR is the excellent source

Irusu VR apps zone is a Virtual Reality navigation platform where you can browse and view all types of VR content and Play VR games. The content is carefully handpicked from VR experts.

The apps have features like Categories, Filters based on VR apps rating, name, price, etc.; bookmarking for easy management of the content. 

You can also subscribe in the app to get the latest updates and news on best VR apps, coupons for Irusu VR headsets and many more. This is one of the best VR apps for android.

Sites in VR is one of the best VR apps for Android in the travel genre. It includes many virtual tours of landmarks from all over the world, including some historical monuments, museums, and other places of potential interest.

The tour includes full 360-degree imagery, you can go up the Eiffel tower, go inside the Egyptian pyramids and even you can visit mars. You will feel as if you are present there. Also, if your mobile doesn’t support the gyroscope sensor, still you can use this VR app.

If you are looking to have an ultimate roller-coaster VR experience, this app is for you. In this app, you can create your roller-coaster tracks and start riding. You can also watch your personal ride in VR.

Even if you don’t have a mobile with a gyroscope sensor, you can tilt your head left or right to rotate the view. The app has thrilling and interactive levels of rides in a fantasy world that will make your jaw drop!

Have you ever thought of playing shooting games in virtual reality? If yes, Deep space battle VR should be on your list.

Deep space battle VR is an ultimate VR space shooter game where you can use your wits and weapons as a lone space pilot defending against the invasion of shadow fleet. You can experience immersive VR flight through a colourful galactic landscape while shooting.

VR haunted house 2D is one of the best VR apps for android for horror activities. In the game, the abandoned house has mystical events. You should protect the home from restless monsters.

The application is free, and you can play using the controller. Using gaze pointer wherever you look, you can move to that place. Using the tip, you can shoot the zombies automatically when pointed at them.

The combination of running and shooting with a controller is smooth and feels natural. You can experience realistic 3D sounds and have an amazing immersive VR experience.

This app will bring you into the 360 degrees VR war for the future galaxy. This is one of the best VR apps for android. You will love the autopilot choice where you will get time to think about and chose which ship to shoot. Along with headphones, you will have great immersive VR experience.

Top VR apps for iPhone

These are the best VR apps for iPhone for free.

1.Youtube   :- Youtube is one of the best VR apps for the iPhone and a great place to enjoy 360-degree videos in full VR or experience regular videos on a virtual screen. After starting the video, just select the VR Cardboard icon present in the lower-right corner of the screen. There is a lot of excellent stuff to watch on the Youtube Virtual Reality Channel. 

2. :- Zombie shooter VR is one of the best VR apps for iPhone in the horror genre. Now you will get a chance to kill zombies in your VR world. The VR game starts from alone in a small, darkroom. Pick up your weapon, go through the door, and you’re on your way to kill zombies with multiple levels.

The game automatically moves you forward and fires at each zombie that appears. You also bump into different obstacles you must shoot to keep going. But don’t let the zombies get too close. Otherwise, you’ll be dead, too.

3.In Mind VR  :- InMind is more of educational related VR app than VR game. The app is all about inside the brain of a teenager called John. As he experiences different emotions, you can see how the various chemicals combine to create and communicate those changes in the brain. The in-brain is as thrilling as neurotransmitters ping and tendrils pulse-like plants in some kind of alien space forest.Visually it’s often fantastic, and we’d be quite happy to have the gameplay elements, and voiceover removed so we could simply float around in John’s brain.

4.InCell VR :- Now you can explore the insides of the human body using In-Cell VR. Technically it’s not much of a VR game app, and it is a good science app.  You can explore the human body inside a virtual model of it, and as you move around the area collecting points, you will learn the different components of the cell. It plays somewhat like Wipeout, but with microbiology instead of hovering space cars and with levels called things like ‘Mitochondrion’. 

5.Google Cardboard :- The Google Cardboard app not only shows you how to set up your Google Cardboard headset or VR headset correctly but also it includes VR experiences that give you a taste of mobile-based VR. You can also browse several other VR compatible apps available to download.

6.Google Street View :- The dedicated Google Street View map has VR Mode – the icon appears when your phone screen mode is changed into landscape mode. It enables you to experience Photo Spheres in VR. So you can use your VR headset to watch around Machu Picchu, traipse around the Taj Mahal and many more.

It is one of the best VR apps for iPhone in travel genre and useful for travelling from the comfort of your home: seeing a place in 360-degree view makes it more interesting than scrolling around the same picture in two dimensions. 

7.Sisters :- This VR app lets you enjoy the horror genre. The good thing is, it takes you to a scary and short experience with a lot of obstacles. But if you have a fear of the dark, then you need to avoid playing it at the late hours of the night.

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