Apple Now Offers iMac Pro with 256GB RAM and Radeon Pro 64X GPU

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Mar 19, 2019 in iMac, News

Alongside the updated iMac lineup, Apple has also updated its iMac Pro lineup with the option of adding 256GB RAM and AMD’s new Radeon Pro 64X GPU. Up until now, Apple only offered up to 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM option on the iMac Pro lineup.

The upgrade to 256GB RAM will cost users a staggering $5,200 which is enough to buy the base model iMac Pro in itself. If you are really looking to upgrade the RAM on your iMac Pro to 256GB, you should consider getting it done from a third-party store as it would be significantly cheaper.

As for the new Radeon Pro Vega 64X, upgrading to it will cost $700. It comes with 16GB HBM2 memory and the faster graphics card will be beneficial for customers who are into 3D modeling and rendering.

If you buy a fully decked out iMac Pro with an 18-core Intel Xeon W processor, 256GB RAM, 4TB SSD, and Radeon Pro 64X GPU, it will set you back by a staggering $15,699.

In addition to these new upgrades, Apple has made certain upgrades cheaper for the iMac Pro lineup. Upgrading to 64GB RAM will now cost users $400 instead of $800, while upgrading to 128GB RAM will cost $2,000 instead of $2,400. The upgrade prices for the 2TB and 4TB SSD have also been lowered to $600 and $2,400 from $800 and $2,800, respectively.

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