Apple’s new iPhone X launched this week. The sales numbers seem positive for apple. Yet there’s a more human side to the iPhone X story. One of Apple’s engineers was fired after his daughter posted a video of the new iPhone before it was launched. When her video of the new phone hit viral numbers, Apple told her father to hit the road.

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Brooke Amelia Peterson posted the video showing off her dad’s new iPhone X just days before the launch. She shot the video in the cafeteria at Apple Headquarters and did a basic walk through of the new phone.

As it was one of the first videos of its kind, and one that was posted a few days before the phone went on sale, the video performed well on Youtube.

Shortly after, though, it was pulled. This is the age of the internet, though, so nothing truly disappears.

Peterson posted another video (below), though, one in which she explains how her earlier video got her father, Ken Bauer, fired.

Ken Bauer knew the video was being made. He is even in the video. “Apple let him go,” Peterson says. “At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”

The pre-sales have been booming, and media have had the opportunity to get hands-on demos, but the candid look into the phone from someone not directly affiliated with Apple was a faux pas.

iPhones are normally Apple’s hottest commodity, so it should be no surprise that the first batch of iPhone Xs, which cost an exorbitant $1000, sold out in 20 minutes.

Pre-orders for the cutting-edge device went on sale Friday, Oct. 27 at 3 a.m. EST. Within 10 minutes of the site accepting order sales, the 256 GB device sold out. With only one other option available, consumers chose the remaining 64 GB devices, which also sold out in 10 minutes.

There were a few reported issues of the webpage having to be reloaded, but to the surprise of many, the servers did not crash.

The iPhone X will start shipping on Nov. 3, but after such an impressive start, some customers face up to a six-week delay in getting their new device.

For those who cannot wait that long, Apple has informed customers that their retail stores will have an unspecified number of the iPhone X on the release date. The lines outside stores will surely resemble the lines at Black Friday.

It’s clear that the iPhone X is a larger success than the iPhone 8 was. And for good reason. The X comes with state-of-the-art facial recognition software built into the phone to keep your phone locked and secured in the unfortunate event of theft.

When announcing the iPhone X, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said the X was the “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

It’s unclear how large the pre-order supply was at the time ordering went live. Cook spoke to the concern of customers who were not able to purchase the X before it sold out online, stating the company is “working as hard as possible to make as many as possible.”

Will the newest iPhone be a success? That remains to be seen, but initial sales from the pre-order would seem to indicate that Apple might have a hit on their hands.

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