• Apple’s current iPhone lineup includes the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.
  • The iPhone XR is more affordable than the iPhone XS, but there are several good reasons to consider the more expensive phone.

Apple’s iPhone X changed the smartphone landscape. It’s tough to find a new Android phone that doesn’t have a “notch,” for example.

To follow up the iPhone X, Apple announced not one, but two new smartphone designs in 2018.

The iPhone XS and XS Max continued the tradition of the iPhone X, while the iPhone XR shared similar qualities as the iPhone X, but featured an LCD screen. The LCD would be less costly for Apple to build, and less expensive for customers to buy. Win-win, right?

While the iPhone XR is an appealing option for anyone looking to have an iPhone X-esque experience for less than $1,000, there are several reasons to consider the more expensive iPhone XS, if you’re on the fence.

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1. The iPhone XR is only available in one size. The iPhone XS is available in two sizes.

If you like the look and feel of the iPhone XR, you can only get it in one size, with its 6.1-inch display.

If you like the iPhone XS, however, you have two size options to choose from: You can get the 5.8-inch model, or the 6.5-inch “Max” size, which costs $100 more than the standard iPhone XS.

2. The iPhone XS display is significantly better-looking than the iPhone XR.

Your phone screen is important. It’s the main window for all of your content: your files, documents, photos, videos, and more. You’ll be looking at it all day, every day.

The iPhone XS features a “Super Retina” OLED screen, while the iPhone XR features a “Liquid Crystal” LCD screen.

OLED screens, in general, are brighter, show more accurate colors, and can achieve far better contrast than LCD screens. The iPhone XR has one of the best LCDs in a smartphone, but it still doesn’t come close to the iPhone XS display, which is the best way to view high-definition photos and videos.

3. The iPhone XR has thicker bezels, or borders around the display, compared to the iPhone XS.

The iPhone XR’s less-great display is made worse by a slightly thicker bezel, or border around the display.

People make a big deal out of bezels in 2019. People want to feel like their content pops out of the screen. If this is something you care about, the iPhone XS is a noticeable step up.

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